Waves in a pool mimic the shockwave therapyChiropracticUncategorized
August 20, 2019

Shockwave Therapy for Soft Tissue Injuries

Have you ever re-injured an old injury? When you injure a body part, like sprain an ankle or tear a shoulder, you increase the chances of re-injuring the same area. You also likely have chronic pain or ongoing dysfunction in that body part. Old injuries leave behind scar tissue, degenerated tendons, or even dying collagen fibers. You feel this as stiffness, weakness, or pain. It interferes with the way you run, lift, and even your posture. Massage and traditional soft tissue techniques can skim the surface to take care of some fascial adhesions that develop from soft tissue injuries. However, to get deep to the heart of the injury, you need something more powerful. This is where shockwave therapy comes in.  (more…)
August 7, 2019

How I Cured My IT Band Syndrome

I had an episode of IT band pain, and I cured it. Here's how: I was running with some trail runners last February in Marin County, and I was feeling a little bit ambitious, so I decided to push myself and keep up with some runners who were way out of my league. It was me, my wife, and two other ladies who happen to trail run long distances for the fun of it, and also happen to be accomplished ultra-runners. Way out of my running league. Both would since go on to finish the Lake Sonoma 50 miler, so that's the caliber of runners I was trying to keep up with. So in Point Reyes National Seashore, along the Bear Valley trail, we all set off. I was proud that I was keeping up with these long distance runners, as they run slow and steady. I am more of a habitual sprinter, so I did pretty well keeping up in the beginning. But once we got just past the halfway point, and at 11 miles, I felt an unfamiliar pain in the side of my left knee.  This pain  felt like it was exactly in the joint line of my knee, which worried me. But, it was also just past the joint, and just above the joint. I felt it bad with every step I took downhill, and as I hobbled back to the cars to finish the race, I started to feel it with every step. It was…
Lumbar Spine showing disc herniation at San Francisco chiropractor's officeChiropractic
May 21, 2019

Exercise Helps Reduce Cartilage Damage In Arthritic Joints.

You've probably heard that running is bad for your knees, but did you know that the opposite is true? Running is actually good for the cartilage in your knees and the discs in your back. Researchers from the Queen Mary University of London performed an experimental study on cow joints, and they wanted to see what happens when you mechanically load these joints over and over. What would this stimulus do to the cells? Mechanical loading of your joints actually suppresses the inflammatory response that any kind of injury might happen when you exercise hard. There are parts of the cells in your cartilage called the "primary cilia", and when these hair-like cilia are stretched and compressed, they release cell proteins that help with the healing process. Squishing your joints stimulates protein production for joint health, and reduces inflammatory chemicals. This makes perfect sense, though. Our bodies are made to move through over 100 years of life. We wear and we tear. If we broke down our cartilage caps on our knees through physical activity without any rebuilding process, we probably wouldn't make it though childhood without being crippled. We need to move. This study is looking at the effects of movement on your cartilage, but other studies have shown benefits of movement to the discs in your back, your muscle health, and your nervous system health. Every movement that you do, your nervous system receives signals that integrates all incoming information into an elevated state in your brain. Movement…
March 6, 2019

Perception & Posture: How and Why You Should Improve Your Posture

The benefits of good posture are immeasurable, so why do so many people do it so poorly? Being able to have more conscious control over your posture is the first step in being able to reap the rewards it has to offer. We’re going to outline a few of those physical and mental advantages. In addition, we are going to give you some helpful tips on how to find your neutral posture and begin your journey on being more body-aware. (more…)
ChiropracticMassage TherapyTech Neck
January 14, 2019

How to Treat a Neck Sprain or Neck Strains in San Francisco

Neck sprains and strains are a common source of pain and disability. Our San Francisco office sees many patients who have pain from neck trauma. However, we also see we see a lot of people who are suffering from the effects of these injuries many years after the initial neck trauma. Neck trauma can occur for a number of reasons and are best diagnosed and treated by a reputable Doctor. Chiropractic offices are well equipped to care for these kinds of injuries. They take thorough medical/chiropractic history and provide an orthopedic and neurologic exam and the various treatment modalities available.  (more…)
ChiropracticMassage TherapyTech Neck
December 13, 2018

What Causes A Muscle Knot?

Muscle Knots: What Are They? It's really common for you to feel muscle knots in your neck and shoulders when you are sitting for long periods of time. Many of our patients who come to us experience pain in between their shoulder blades. When they reach back to feel what's wrong, they can feel the dense area of tight muscles. These are knots. Knots in your muscles are also known as trigger points and, if you press on one, it is usually tender. If you press hard enough you will also feel some of the pain radiate from the area. You might be familiar with this sensation. (more…)
Massage Therapy
November 9, 2018

Swedish Massage

What Is A Swedish Massage? Swedish massage is the best known and most widely used form of western-style massage. It is the foundation of a variety of other forms of massage, such as aromatherapy, deep tissue, and even sports massage. This form consists mainly of long strokes and working the outer muscle layers of the body. (more…)
Massage Therapy
October 31, 2018

Tui-Na Massage

What Is Tui-Na? Tui-Na is the oldest form of massage, dating back to about the time of the Yellow Emperor (2700 BC). Traditionally, it is used by acupuncturists in conjunction with their sessions. More recently, we have seen more patients ask about this form of massage as a service on it's own. Eastern medicine and ancient traditions have become more popular in San Francisco as locals explore and expand for  alternative options towards healing. In recent years, Tui-Na massage has been gaining traction in the Bay Area. (more…)
Hot Stone MassageMassage Therapy
October 23, 2018

Hot Stone Massage

What Can Hot Stone Massage Do? Hot stone massage is a technique that dates back thousands of years, yet has only had a resurgence over the past few decades. Yet, even with it's long history it has solid science behind hot stone massage. It's an amazing solution to reduce stress, anxiety, and melt away pain. To their surprise, many of our San Francisco patients find that such a low-tech solution can help them alleviate the stresses of their high-tech world. In 2003 scientists studied one of the largest samples of cancer patients receiving massage therapy. They discovered that, even with patients experiencing high levels of discomfort before their treatment, massage therapy and hot stone massage led to significant reduction in anxiety, pain, nausea, and depression. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management PDF of study. (more…)
Back MassageChiropracticMassage Therapy
October 9, 2018

Is it Better to Go to the Chiropractor Before or After A Back Massage?

Having the flexibility of many different services at one location offers a convenience when it comes to wellness care. With more services comes more questions, however. If I’m having services performed on the same day, which should come first? It’s a “chicken or the egg” kind of situation. The truth is, it depends wholly on you. In general, it’s best to get a back massage after your chiropractic care for minor stiffness and aches. Additionally, it’s better to have your massage before your chiropractic care when you have a lot of muscle tightness. Still, there’s an even more ideal solution. (more…)
Is it OK to exercise after an adjustment?Chiropractic
September 6, 2018

Is It OK To Exercise After An Adjustment?

Generally speaking, it is okay to exercise after an adjustment with your chiropractor, but there are some factors to take into consideration. The intention of chiropractic adjustments and of the chiropractic profession in general is to enhance and improve movement in the body. As a matter of fact, in many offices that are evidence-informed, such as our office in San Francisco, your chiropractor will demonstrate and observe you as you perform exercise specifically designed to help you with your condition. It’s the goal of every chiropractor here to not only take care of your immediate pain, but to look at all of your daily activities including exercise. (more…)
June 13, 2018

Maintaining Back Health Can Save Your Company Money

Take Care Of Your Body As Well As Your Bottom Line Back pain is the number one cause of disability among working adults, and neck pain is number four. There is no greater effect on your quality of life than pain and stiffness coming from your neck and back. It’s difficult to focus and be productive when these injuries are at the forefront of your mind, so maintaining your back health is imperative. As we will see, healthcare costs are far exceeding the rate of inflation and wages. Reducing health care premium costs are the number one priority for companies. Followed by improving productivity and absence of work, often due to sick time. (more…)
Your Feet Are The Foundation Of Body MotionChiropractic
April 18, 2018

The Top Three Benefits of Feet/Ankle Adjustments

Your Feet Take Care of You From The Ground Up On your next visit in our office, kick off your shoes. Our chiropractors are going to work on your feet as well as your back. Your feet work harder than you do, and with 26 bones in each foot, they are engineered extremely well for walking and running. You usually do this without having to think much about it, walking around San Francisco on your commute to work, or jogging casually along the Embarcadero. However, when things are off kilter in your hips, for example, you can have have back pain, neck strain, and shoulder tension the secret solution may just rely on having your feet corrected by a Chiropractor. (more…)
Pill PackagesChiropractic
January 22, 2018

Chiropractic Clinics Fight The Opioid Epidemic

A Problem Of Epidemic Prescriptions In 2017, The American College of Physicians (ACP) updated their guidelines for their doctors who have patients with acute or chronic low back pain. In these guidelines they recognize the harmful and addictive effects of long term drug use, especially with the opioid drugs that you have been hearing so much about in the news these days. What do they recommend instead of drugs? Physical treatments. Non-invasive treatments. Since most back and neck pain is from mechanical functional problems, they recommend a physical and functional approach to caring for the back pain. (more…)
Tips for Aging AthletesMassage Therapy
November 14, 2017

Health Tips For Aging Athletes

As we get older many of us continue to enjoy active sports, dance, and yoga. However, the bodies of aging athletes are not as forgiving as they once were and it takes more mindfulness and maintenance to keep them in peak condition. Here are some tips to consider from my extensive experience practicing physical therapy, massage therapy, and my 40 years of dance and martial arts. (more…)
Don't let pain become your normal. Let us help you become pain-free.ChiropracticTech NeckUncategorized
November 13, 2017

“I Should Have Come In Sooner”

It's easy to accept pain or physical limitations as a normal part of life that happens with aging, working conditions, or everyday physical activity. Are you rationalizing or accepting your pain, or maybe even ignoring it? You don't have to live with pain, there's nothing normal about pain. It is literally your body communicating to you that something is wrong, and there is a solution. (more…)
Massage Therapy For A Better WorkoutMassage Therapy
November 10, 2017

Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Workout

Therapeutic Massage = Less Risk of Injury = Peak Performance = Maximum Enjoyment I often see people jogging and biking along the Embarcadero and wonder if they are taking real care of their bodies. Are you one of these folks? Many people don't realize that massage therapy is an indispensable tool to help facilitate your workout? Beginning an exercise program, training for an event, or simply enjoying a vigorous workout on a regular basis can take its toll on your body. Increased physical activity combined with daily work stress, and insufficient rest lead to more issues. Moreover, less-than-ideal eating habits, and a sedentary job, like the ones often found in San Francisco, can make the body more susceptible to injury and illness. How Does Injury Happen? (more…)
Experiencing soreness after an adjustment?Chiropractic
September 12, 2017

I’m a Bit Sore After An Adjustment

"It's completely normal to feel a little sore after your first adjustment." New patients are often concerned about mild soreness after their first adjustment when seeing their chiropractor. As with any effective healing modality in any profession, chiropractic care can result in some soreness that accompanies the increase in function. As your body heals itself and as we add mobility to parts that have been "stuck" there may be some mild soreness in the first few hours after the adjustment. It's a bit like pulling a splinter out. Naturally there's still pain afterward, but it's a healing soreness. This feeling of being sore after an adjustment is not something to worry about.  It's completely normal and should dissipate after 24 hours. (more…)
Will Your Cell Phone Throw Off Your Posture?ChiropracticTech Neck
July 6, 2017

Your Cell Phone is Messing Up Your Back

Answer: Quicker than anyone realized. (more…)
Woman with leaf on her backChiropracticTech Neck
June 20, 2017

What Causes And How Do I Fix My Shoulder Pain?

You work long hours behind a desk, seated and hunched over. Suddenly, you feel shoulder pain! It's been slowly creeping up in your shoulders, or perhaps across your shoulders between your shoulder-blades. This is a common injury I see at our practice. However, is this truly where the pain starts, or is there a hidden culprit? (more…)

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