Foot Health Awareness Month

The Top Three Benefits of Feet/Ankle Adjustments

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Your Feet Take Care of You From The Ground Up

On your next visit in our office, kick off your shoes. Our chiropractors are going to work on your feet as well as your back.

Your feet work harder than you do, and with 26 bones in each foot, they are engineered extremely well for walking and running. You usually do this without having to think much about it, walking around San Francisco on your commute to work, or jogging casually along the Embarcadero. However, when things are off kilter in your hips, you have back pain, neck strain, and shoulder tension the secret solution may just rely on having your feet corrected by a Chiropractor.

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Woman With Neck Pain At Work

Presenteeism: The Neck Pain That Interferes With Your Work

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Have you ever been at work and you’ve noticed that your neck or back pain is starting to become more and more intense? You might be doing more harm than good by coming in.

That’s the summary from several different articles I read this month on the topic of presenteeism. You might know what absenteeism is: when you call in sick to work because you are ill. However, if you are physically at work but you can’t concentrate on your work because you are in pain, have a Crohn’s disease flare up, or have a migraine headache, then you are an employee who is present but checked out. You are contributing to your company’s presenteeism. Read More

Pill Packages

Chiropractic Clinics Set Up The Infrastructure for Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

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In 2017, The American College of Physicians (ACP) updated their guidelines for their doctors who have patients with acute or chronic low back pain. In these guidelines they recognize the harmful and addictive effects of long term drug use, especially with opioids that you have been hearing so much about.

What do they recommend instead of drugs? Physical treatments. Non-invasive treatments. Since most back and neck pain is from mechanical functional problems, they recommend a physical and functional approach to caring for the back pain. Read More

Tips for Aging Athletes

Wellness Tips For Aging Athletes

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As we get older many of us continue to enjoy active sports, dance, and yoga. However, our bodies are not as forgiving as they once were and it takes more mindfullness and maintenance to keep them in peak condition. Here are some tips to consider from my extensive experience practicing physical therapy, massage therapy, and my 40 years of dance and martial arts. Read More

Don't let pain become your normal. Let us help you become pain-free.

Don’t End Up Saying, “I Should Have Come In Sooner”

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It’s easy to accept pain or physical limitations as a normal part of life that happens with aging, working conditions, or everyday physical activity. Are you rationalizing or accepting your pain, or maybe even ignoring it? You don’t have to live with pain, there’s nothing normal about pain. It is literally your body communicating to you that something is wrong, and there is a solution.

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Massage Therapy For A Better Workout

Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Workout

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Therapeutic Massage = Less Risk of Injury = Peak Performance = Maximum Enjoyment

I often see people jogging and biking along the Embarcadero and wonder if they are taking real care of their bodies. Are you one of these folks?

Beginning an exercise program, training for an event, or simply enjoying a vigorous workout on a regular basis can take its toll on your body. Increased physical activity combined with daily work stress, insufficient rest, less-than-ideal eating habits, and a sedentary job like the ones we often see here in the Financial District/SOMA can make the body more susceptible to injury and illness.

How does this happen? Read More

Back Pain

I’m a Bit Sore After My First Adjustment

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In providing care at Rincon Chiropractic here for several years I have often found new patients are concerned about some mild pain they experience after their initial visit with us. This is definitely not something to be worried about. It’s completely normal to feel a little sore after your first adjustment.

Getting your back adjusted means getting some movement in your spine that hasn’t been there in a while. It is natural to feel some soreness after your first adjustment, particularly in the mid-back and shoulders. Read More

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